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* It's fairly easy to do, but a game might take up to an hour if someone's on dial-up or both teams need to make several additional line changes.


* There are two view points to the netmeeting game, the host/server and guest/client. If you're the host, you must provide your guests with your IP address. In both cases, you must load Netmeeting before you can play. As the host you will also need to load your SOMH game and have the appropriate files on hand (league/manager files). Being the host doesn't mean you have to be the home team. If your road opponent wants to, they can host the meeting. Having your opponent host the meeting might be a good idea if you use a firewall.






* How to host a meeting. Start Netmeeting. Select "CALL - HOST MEETING." A new dialog box should appear giving you some options: meeting name, password, security, call options and meeting tools. All you really need to do is hit "OK." Once you've done this, the session has started. Another feature you might add is to "AUTOMATICALLY ACCEPT CALLS." You can do this by pulling down the "CALL" menu and clicking the option.


* You must do four more things before the game is played. First you must give your opponent your IP address so he can dial into your meeting. Secondly, you must start your SOMH game. And finally you must share the SOMH program with your opponent. At the same time you share the program, you must or should allow them the capability to assmue control.


* How to share a program. Select "TOOLS - SHARING." A box will come up with all your active programs. Just select/highlight the SOMH game and hit the "SHARE" button to the right. Before you close that box, you'll need to hit the "ALLOW CONTROL" button towards the bottom. For faster play, you might also click the optional button that allows "AUTOMATICALLY ACCEPT REQUESTS FOR CONTROL."





* If you're not hosting the game, you need to connect to the net and load the Netmeeting program. To connect to the game, select "CALL - NEW CALL." In the box that pops up, you place the IP address that's provided by the host and hit the "CALL" button. You should then connect to the host and if they did their job, the SOMH game should appear.


* Once connected and sharing, you play the game as normal. Make sure to count your action cards per line if you're not having the computer do if for you automatically. You might also want to print your game roster and lines prior to the game, allowing you to accurately track your line changes and in-game player management. The hosting manager will save the files after the game and get them to the league





* use the "TOOLS - CHAT" option. You might also use microphone since Netmeeting allows audio and video transmissions. A lot of time can also be saved if you come to some agreements, like if you're going to "Always Inimidate" the host can do it for you. If you're the visitor you might also save some time by playing "computer lines, human decisions" if you know you're going to roll your 1-4 lines in order.


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